It felt like a film, so I decided it deserved a teaser. Something short and cinematic to capture the feeling I was having. It was a transitional time as I finished a wonderful studies and was heading for the most eye-opening time of my life so far. This was meant to be a experimental teaser of my filmmaking and footage I was about to collect in the open world. 

Most editing, assembly and other puzzling were achieved in Premiere. Some experimental effects were created with After Effects. To adjust and perfect sound (which was all recorded with microphone by myself) I used Audition for sound editing.

It’s a normal day and he’s working on his thesis like every day. But the world around him is glitching because things are changing. There’s something happening or there’s something going to happen. It’s already perceptible and he gets reminded of it around the clock.

Conceptual phase filled my old notebook quickly with the amount of squares to have myself a story I wanted to display. Strategic decision with the equipment I had in possession or borrowed, which was basic but sufficient. Proudly used my Sony Alpha 6000 for it’s first big game. With help of my people I filmed all shots I wanted. Getting started in my editing software I had the opportunity to redo or change certain shots for better result. At this point I was also able to judge better which sounds were needed.  I wanted everything you could see also to be hearable as much as would be pleasant. With my creative pants on I went on adventure with my microphone to get the perfect sound, one way or another. On many points in the process I had people watching my video for feedback rounds.